Film – A night Owl Takes Flight

A Night Owl Takes Flight

It’s night time in the city and the before a night owl can escape she needs to get to her car.
An experimental film about a young woman who walks down to her car in the underground parking garage.

DIY home transfer. Two rolls of Super 8 film were projected over each other. The first was a roll of black and white reversal with the actress and the second was a colour reversal of country streams that had colours hand drawn on it.


This footage with the model was shot around 2008. I first started shooting models around that time and I wanted to try to experiment with different styles of portraiture. Ultimately though the goal was to do some photography but also to network with actress who might want to act in my films. Once in a while I would shoot some random super 8 footage and save it for some future use which was the case here.

I own multiple film projectors and in some cases digitally transfer the film footage myself. I though it might be interesting to run multiple projectors at the same time. This footage was ideas for that since it was a little on the dark side which would allow the other projected images to bounce up more. The other projector was loaded with some random color country stream shots which I got from a film colouring workshop.

I’ve tried this experiment a few times and typically fin d that one projector drowns out the other but in this particular case it turned out fine. And it’s always a challenge and fin to try to add some interesting audio.


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