Film – Darkened Windows Darkened DOors

Darkened Windows Darkened Doors

At the end of a lonely country road – two small churches face each other. One older the other a little newer.


Shot several years ago in Prince Edward Island. I remember randomly driving around and finding these two churches facing each other along one of the small quiet roads. I returned several days later and just took some random hand held shots as the sun was setting. The darkness of the windows gave the two buildings a sinister feel.

This is part of a series of films that I created that placed as much emphasis on the audio as the visual. The creative aspect of putting together the audio – a series of different sounds that I downloaded off was just as challenging as editing the footage. In my mind a film like this is almost an audio piece as much of a visual piece and both components are equally important.



Wind turbines appear on the landscape like sentinels left by visitors from another universe (2.5 Minutes)..

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