Film – Detective Blue

Detective Blue

A private investigater must confront her demons and questionable life choices in this film noir inspired short.

Starring Kimberly Bowie


There is a famous sequence in Louis Malle’s film Elevator to the Gallows (1958) where Florance (Jeanne Moreau) takes a late night walk through the rain drenched streets of Paris, searching for her lover, while the sound of a sad and lonely trumpet, played by Miles Davis, blows in the back ground.  It is an unbelievably powerful visual experience and I wanted to try my own interpretation of this late night walk. Kimberly Bowen plays a detective who gives a monologue about how she descends into a complex moral situation. This is the context for her solo night wanderings.

As I’ve done with other films, Detective Blue also breaks the fourth wall, meaning the character delivers her monologue straight to the audience. In fact you can see the microphone in her hand. I wonder if this draws the viewer more to her or is just a distraction. At an IFCO gala screening a member of the audience commented on this which I found interesting.


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