FILM – Ghosts


In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or non-human animal that is believed to be able to appear to the living.

Starring Olivia Gault, Lily Blane


We will live a complicated world. Eddy White, associate professor at the University of Arizona puts it best. “There seems to be a certain degree of randomness and chaos to the lives we lead, and sometimes people want structure or explanations to human existence,” White said. “Paranormal or supernatural phenomena can help provide that meaning.”. Not only does it provide meaning it provides an opportunity to reconnect with those that are no longer here.

This film was shot with two different approaches. The first was by using a series of still images. This was inspired by the great sci film from France called La Jetée (1962). It was this version of Ghosts that was screened at the Monster Pool 2023 screening. I prefer the second version here which we shot simultaneously on Super 8. I find the eerie movements and less obvious ghost a better companion to the accompanying poem.


Ghost Hunter’s Strangest Cas

An alt horror documentary about a small childhood incident that happened to me (5 1/2 Minutes)

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