Film – Late Nights and Green Lights

Late Nights and Green Lights

I’m one of those types that always carry a paperback book with me. I enjoy mostly light weight easy reading material. It’s just a mental escape for me.

Every once in a while try I to read a classic. Most of them I do not enjoy. They are either too slow or intense.

BUT one classic that has always ranked as one of my all time favorites is The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald.

By today‚Äôs standards Gatsby would probably be considered too needy and an obsessive stalker. Not a wise choice for a romantic lead. If you look past that and place yourself in the 1920’s then Gatsby becomes the sad lonely romantic figure that has been his place in modern literature.

So all that to say that I tried to make a tribute film about The Great Gatsby. It’s something really simple, filmed in about 4 hours late one evening this past spring.

Everything was shot on Super 8.