Film – Looking for My Keys

Looking for My Keys

A writer experiences dissatisfaction and frustration. She searches the night for a source of inspiration.

Starring Emily Shanley


There’s a spinning neon sign at the corner of Bank St and Laurier at the entrance to an office food court. When I looked at it , I was almost hypnotized because the blending of the lights can so easily put you in a dream state. It’s almost like it was its own character – like a beacon in the night calling me with answers.

How would it call out to a frustrated writer? 

Film like this are so much fun to make because it’s an attempt to try to express a complex thought in a simple manner. How does a writer deal with writers block. I’ve worked with that typewriter many times since I found it in the recycle bin at our apartment. It’s a classic piece of machinery but unfortunately doesn’t work anymore. I did the digital transfer myself and the film had a nice brown tint which I left in rather than colour correct. Emily as usually gave a great performance as someone who is searching and embarks on an existential journey toe the light and perhaps the key to her imagination.

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