Film – The Final Contract

The Final ContracT

A female assassin is forced to fulfill one final contract.
Starring Fiona Noakes, Rahim Bahrami, Sherry Legge and Catherine Legge.
Shot on Super 8 film – Tri-X black and white.
DIY home transfer.
Directed by Deniz Berkin
Thanks to IFCO – The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa


I was very influences by the classic French film Le Samurai (1967) directed by Jean Pierre Melville. It’s about a super cool assassin (Alan Delon)  who is a stone cold killer, who just collects his assignments and completes them with business like precision. I wanted to try to recreate that character but also think about what it would take to make this assassin crack. 

I changed the lead to a female because I thought it would be great to cast against type since this was typically a male role and also gave me the opportunity to work with Fiona again. It’s a role that has a lot of emotional expression and range in it. An additional casting pleasure was that I was able to work with Sherry Legge and her daughter Catherine. It was the first time I had ever worked with a child and it was a very rewarding experience.


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