FILM – The Gates of St Raphael

The Gates of St Raphael

St Raphael is an old church outside of Alexandria Ontario. In 1970 it caught on fire and all that’s left are the outer walls and fine masonry. Shots of the church and surrounding gravesite are followed by shots of the Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. Shot with a Sankyo Cinemax 8 camera and Fomapan R8 film


I never knew that this old church existed only within an hour or so drive from Ottawa. There are rolling fields and an old cemetery all in the same area. I’ve been working on a series of films about the gothic beauty and peacefulness of graveyards and this was a perfect candidate. I took the day off work and grabbed a R8 camera that I had never used before. The camera was given to me by Rob at GPC Labworks and I was excited to give it a try. I didn’t have a light meter so I used my instinct and a lot of the footage was over exposed but these types of imperfections add to the historic vibe that I was trying to capture. I augmented the St Raphael footage with shots of Beechwood Cemetery here in Ottawa.

The most fun was putting together the audio – a series of different sounds that I downloaded off A project like this is almost an audio piece as much of a visual piece and both components are equally important


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