Film – The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Either in the near future or the distant past a gunslinger seeks revenge.
A steampunk western.
Shot on one roll of 16mm Kodak 7266 Black and White film using a spring loaded Bolex camera.
Starring Fiona Noakes, Francko Edge, Rebecca Fox, Veronique Fortin, Jaime Jones


Someone described the steampunk genre as how the Victorian age would envision themselves a hundred years into the future. Electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling has a great music video for Roundtable Rival that mixes steampunk with western and when I saw it I was really interested in trying my own.

So I bought several outfits , male and female, and got together the largest cast I’ve ever had for one of my own solo films and gave it a try. We shot for the IFCO 16mm one take challenge and in hindsight I should have shot a lot more B material with a super 8 camera considering all the effort it went into coordinating  this shoot. I was excited about how it turned out at the end and I’m hoping to shoot some more steampunk/western films in the future.

I did something for this film that I’ve done quite often since which was have 10-15 minute phone conversation with the cast members before shoot. This give us a chance to go over the material and sets the ground work on how the day will proceed. I found this to be beneficial and something that I’ve continued to do to this day since I never been a fan of more formal auditions.

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