Films – Visually Dynamic

Stormy Waves Quiet Ocean

The coastal waves are captured crashing into the rugged rocks (2 Minutes)

Highway Overpass

A poetic journey down a barren and desolate highway (2 Minutes).

The Gates of St Raphael

A study of an old historic church, destroyed by fire, and the nearby Beechwood Cemetery (3 Minutes)

Darkened Windows Darkened Doors

At the end of a lonely desolate road two churches menacingly stare at each other. (3 minutes)

The House on Memory Street

A spiritual connection occurs in an old house (3 Minutes).

Bonaventure Cemetery

A portrait of the gothic and haunting cemetery in Savannah Georgia (3 Minutes).

The Children of Naro Moru, Kenya

Children in Kenya with a Super 8 camera (3 Minutes).

The Weeping Statues of Cemitério de Agramonte

The haunting statues of Cemitério de Agramonte in Porto Portugal (3 Minutes).

A Night Owl Takes Flight

A young woman who walks down to her car in an underground parking garage (2 Minutes).

Try to Remember

Mono no aware is a Japanese term that describes that life contains a transience of things and a sense of sadness in their passing.

Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park is beautiful park right in the historic district of Savannah (3 Minutes).

Late Nights and Green Lights

A tribute film to The Great Gatsby (4 Minutes).

Concrete Beat – Salsa Dreamz

Salsa dancing in the summer around the parking lots of downtown Ottawa (2 Minutes).

Dance Me…

A beautiful dancer, a dedicated photographer and the late night streets blend together in mysterious mix of danger (3 Minutes).

Chasing Your Hat

A young woman’s search for happiness (3 Minutes).


This is an experimental film about wind turbines (2.5 Minutes).

Interior Car Wash

It’s important\ to wash away the emotions and feelings that have been bothering you for the last three months (3.5 Minutes).

Street Dreamz

A dreamy little experimental film about about a couple finding each other in a mixed up world (2.5 minutes)

Windows Like Eyes

A couple revisit their past in the context of an old empty house (2.5 Minutes)