Films – Narrative -Dramatic

City in Grey

A young associate has a final encounter with her mentor (4 Minutes)

The Lonely Woman

A jazzy little sad film about longing, dreams and mysterious lovers (6 Minutes)

Ghosts in the Light

A troubled couple embark on a road trip to an old ghost town (12 Minutes)

Beneath Silent Windows

A back alley encounter between a a young artist and an unlikely purse snatcher (3 1/2 Minutes)

Detective Blue

A private investigater must confront her demons and questionable life choices in this film noir inspired short (6 Minutes).

The Final Contract

A paid assassin is forced to complete one last contract. (5 Minutes)

The Dial Tone

Two ladies discuss the philosophy of happiness while the perception of reality is skewed by a ringing old fashioned phone (4 Minutes).

Light at the End of the Tunnel

A poetic exploration of a woman’s subconscious (4 Minutes).

Dancing Down that Rainbow Street of Dreams

A down on her luck woman meets a younger musician (8.5 Minutes).

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Either in the near future or the distant past a gunslinger seeks revenge. A steampunk western
(3 Minutes).


A woman waits for her married lover (3 Minutes).

The Slow Leak

A man helps a woman with a flat tire. An exploration of the underlying emotions (6 Minutes).

Looking for My Keys

A writer searches the night for a source of inspiration (3 Minutes).

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

A married woman and her husband’s mistress spend an unexpected evening together (5 1/2 minutes).

187 Days Until Xmas

Story of two lost souls as they explore the fantasy of romantic love. (6 1/2/ Minutes)

The Covered Bridge

A couple spend the day at a covered bridge out in the country. (6 Minutes).

All Roads Lead to the River

After a night spent together a young man tries to surprise his lady friend (6.5 Minutes).

Breaking into the Dollhouse

A couple breaks into a stranger’s apartment. There they encounter a strange Christmas statuette (4.5 Minutes)

Room Service

A film noir inspired drama about a woman who must lie and disappoint family and friends in order to protect a dark secret (7.5 Minutes).

Talking About Crazy Love

A downtown walk and talk about the craziness of love (7 Minutes)

The Follower’s Assignment

A suspicious wife, a wayward husband and the woman assigned to follow him make for a late night love triangle of deception (7.5 Minutes)

The Photographer

A photographer realizes that if he isn’t careful he can lose it all in a flash (4 Minutes).

Tunnel of Love

A found object seems to express the conflicts and emotions that the lovers cannot (4.5 Minutes)