Script – Knock Knock

Knock Knock… (Working Title) – Production Notes


Lady A – Age 20-40 – Nervous, Excited

Lady Z – Age 20-40 – Calm,  Level Headed

About the film

This film is a short 4 minute comedy about two friends. One – Lady A – receives bad news from a fortune teller and turns to her doubtful friend for comfort. Her friend – Lady Z – is skeptical and decides to play a joke on Lady A, causing Lady A to reevaluate their friendship.


We’ll begin by just reading through the script. Then blocking off the scene and introducing the actions. From this the characterizations will develop and grow organically. Once we are comfortable we will shoot.

There is no need to memorize the exact lines but please be familiar with the context of the story

Schedule / Time Table

The shooting will be done on Sunday April 14 / 2024 . We will rehearse /shoot from 2:00PM to about 9:00 PM (ish).


We will shoot at 333 Metcalfe street Apt 9 at the corner of Frank Street , near the Museum of Nature.

Please arrive at 2:00PM – When you arrive please call/ text 613 322 7709


Kino at Live on Elgin – Wednesday April 24,  2024. This is a monthly public screening and networking event.


This is a non union paid opportunity.  This role will pay 80.00 total as well as supper.

Costumes / Outfits

Casual is fine – ie jeans – nice top etc
A Hair and makeup artist will not be available.

Audio Dubbing

Just like any film, there may be a need to do some audio dubbing afterwards. This will be done at my place at a mutually convenient time. Typically this takes about an hour but will have to be done shortly after the movie is shot. 


I anticipate that this will be a FUN day of shooting. Due to my simple approach the shot setups will be done fairly quickly. The bottom line is to get the film shot but at the same time this is a hobby and pastime for all of us. A professional and upbeat attitude is expected from all cast and crew. Creative input and feedback is ALWAYS welcome.  Let’s have fun

Knock Knock… (Working Title) – Script

Scene 1 – Interior – Living Room – Night Time

Lady A

This is the worst news ever

Lady Z

What happened !

Lady A (nervous, excited) 

I went to see a fortune teller. 

He told me three things will happen tonight

One, I will get a mysterious phone call from death

Two, I will get a mysterious package from death

Three,  at midnight sharp, death will knock at my door !

Lady Z (calm , reassuring)

Come on, fortune tellers are all fakes. He just said that to get some money out of you . There is no such thing as … 

The phone rings. The two of them head over to where an old upright phone is sitting on the table. Lady A slowly picks up the receiver. A look of horror crosses her face. 

Lady A (Excited)

Oh my God, oh my God !!

See puts the receiver down and stares at her friend.

Lady A

It was death on the phone – he said he was coming for me at midnight !!

Lady Z

I’m sure there is an explanation – it was just a wrong number

Lady A

No it was death , look the phone is not even plugged in .

Lady A dangles the chord in her hand. 

Suddenly there is a noise from behind them. A mysterious package is sitting on the end of a table. They both  move over towards the box.

Lady A

This must be the package from Death !

Lady Z (dismissively)

It was probably just delivered by an Amazon drone. Open it and you’ll see.

Lady A opens the package. Inside is a box of hair coloring cream.

Lady Z

I told you ,  it’s just a box of hair coloring.

Lady A

It’s not hair coloring,  it’s hair dye – get it DYE – DEATH- DIE !!

Lady Z (sighing)

You’re being silly. I’m going to go. 

Lady A

Don’t go , I really need you to stay , at least until midnight !

Lady Z

Nothing is going to happen, trust me, It’s all in your imagination.

Lady Z gets up and leaves

Lady A

Goodbye – see you at my funeral !!

Lady A sits solemnly on the couch looking at the clock. The ticking hand edges closer and closer to midnight.

Lady A ( talking to herself) 

I have to be brave …There is no such thing as fortune tellers… There is no such thing as death knocking on the door.

The clock hand strikes midnight and suddenly there are three loud sharp knocks on the door. She slowly walks to the door as the clock chimes twelve times.

She has an inner dialogue going on

Lady A ( talking to herself) 

I have to face my destiny with courage.

I must face my greatest fear with strength.

I will open the door and see what’s on the other side !

Her hand reaches for the knob and she slowly opens the door

Lady A (the audience does not see what she is looking at )

Aaahhh , Aaahhhh, Aaahhh,  Aaahhh,  

Death is a … giant monkey !

In walks a gorilla holding a large banana and starts dancing around the living room.

Lady A

Lady Z , is that you. That’s not very funny !

Lady Z (with the gorilla head removed and eating the banana)

 I just wanted to show how silly you were behaving.

There is no such thing as fortune tellers.

See midnight has passed and death has not arrived.

Lady A (sadly)

That’s not nice , you almost scared me to death.

Friends should trust each other. 

I needed you to support me when I was really scared but instead you turned it all into a big joke

I sat up with you all night after you broke up with your last boyfriend.

I’m disappointed that you weren’t there for me when I needed you

Lady Z (the banana is absent)

You’re right – I’m so sorry. 

I wasn’t very loyal or respectful

I shouldn’t have worn a gorilla suit.

It wasn’t very nice of me.

Please forgive me

The two ladies step towards each other as if they are going to hug.

Lady A steps ahead  but there is a banana peel on the ground. She steps on it and slips and falls to the floor,  bumping her head on the ground. She lies there still. Eyes closed.

Lady Z kneels down beside Lady A

Lady Z (in despair)

Oh my God,  now you’re dead, 

I was the death at midnight !

I killed my best friend !  

Lady Z stands up (dramatically crying ) 

Lady Z (sobbing)

I’ll be racked  with guilt for the rest of my life 

One mistake and my whole life is ruined.

Lady A will you ever forgive me 

As she is speaking out loud Lady A stands and appears behind her and taps her on the shoulder. Lady Z turns around in surprise and screams.

Lady A (with a wry smile)

Do you still think it’s a good idea to play jokes 

on your best friend !!