Film – Dancing Down that Rainbow Street of Dreams

Dancing Down that Rainbow Street of Dreams

Inspired by the American dramas of the 1970’s, Dancing Down that Rainbow Street of Dreams tells
the story of a down on her luck woman as she meets a younger musician who is dreaming of better things.
As they get to know each other both see parts of themselves in the other person.

Starring Lily Blane and Fiona Noakes


There were some really great films made in the early 70 that were shot on gritty black and white film stock but told rich stories about different downed out characters and how they are dealing with everyday life. A favourite of mine was Alice Doesn’t Live Here anymore (1973) an early Scorcese film that is not often mentioned when he is discussed.

You hit a certain pointing when you realize that certain things aren’t going to get better and that weird melancholy vibe is not going anywhere. So you learn to accept your situation and try to give back by helping out and encouraging those that are just beginning their life journey. That’s basically what this film is about.

We filmed this at the legendary Paris Motel , a run down motel near the Montfort Hospital that doesn’t exist anymore but was perfect for the world weary character played by Lily.


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