The Films and
Photography of
Deniz Berkin

at Dawn


She Came from Above

The final days are imminent. Two friends are awaiting the end. A young lady faces moral challenges as she tries to live her last days according to her own set of values. (8 Minutes)

Bride of the Vampyre

In a Victorian era setting a bride waits for her husband to return, A tribute to the classic vampire moments (3 Minutes)

the solitary eclectic

A portrait of Crimson Willow who discusses her various practices in the witchcraft traditions (3 1/2 Minutes)


Instant Collages

An exploration of the patterns and colours around us using Instant Film.

Sirens of the Sea

Explore the haunting seaside, an endless expanse of possibilities.

Hidden Jewels

In a daze of surreal lights and swirling imagery emerge portraits of hidden jewels.