Photo Galleries

Sensing Rhythm

With the mix of moving images you can almost hear the rhythmic backgrounds

Hidden Jewels

In a daze of surreal lights and swirling imagery emerge portraits of hidden jewels.

Sirens of the Sea

Explore the haunting seaside, an endless expanse of possibilities.

Darkness Sheds Light

Pt Reyes National Seashore sits about 2 hours north of San Francisco. Among the beautiful cliffs are several seasonal cottages – empty in the off season


Shots of some various urban and rural landscapes shot with a Holga Pinhole hand held and multiple exposed.

Desert Breezes

At times the desert breezes can blow remarkably strong and bend the straw in dramatic fashion.

Sculpture Portraits

Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, Canada contains several human sized sculptures. These were photographed with a Diana Mini then the film was rewound and various shots of the cemetery were taken.

Instant Collages

An exploration of the patterns and colours around us using Instant Film.

The Farm

Finding elements of the country right here in the city. Pinhole photography.

The Years

The history of the city played out over the years

Foggy Gothic

The fog rolls in off the coast and shrouds hundreds of years in history in a blanket of mystery and sadness

Twilight Last Gleaming

In the calm hours after sunset the buildings seem to blend.


On Wolfe Island sits a field with almost a hundred windmills. They are powered by the constant winds that blow off Lake Ontario.