Film – THe Blank Page

The Blank Page

A writer who is seeking inspiration travels back to the late19th century era London. There she must conquer her greatest fears.

Starring Lily Blane and Carmen Chan

Screened at the Ottawa MonsterPool 666 Festival Oct 2022

Shot on Super 8 film


It’s interesting to see if you can make a film that’s about one thing but really about something else. In this case it appears like a traditional horror film with a Jack The Ripper inspired villain but really the film is about a greater horror that each person who has tried to write has probably faced at one point. I also took advantage of some really cool locations – The Chaudiere Falls construction site with its gothic brick buildings and long array of lights. This film was shot on Super 8 and when I did the digital transfer I projected parts of the footage through a glass to give it that dreamy look and to try to distinguish between the past and the present. I have worked multiple times with both Lily and Carmen and both did an amazing job with their roles and costumes. This film screened at the Monster Pool 666 screening in Oct 2022.


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