FIlm – The DIal Tone

The Dial Tone

Two ladies discuss the philosophy of happiness while the perception of reality is skewed by a ringing old fashioned phone.

Starring Emily Shanley and Pritz. Directed by Deniz Berkin


It was a cold and lingering March. It seemed like winter would never end. I

had this image in my head of a phone ringing – an older antique phone. A work colleague told me a story about an elderly friend who was only happy when she was young. 

I tried to put together this film like a purposefully disjointed jigsaw puzzle – I Ieft in visual imperfections and the hissing background noise. I had the characters shift positions and read the lines to the camera rather than each other. I’ll admit when I first started editing it I wasn’t sure if it came together or not but over time it has grown on me. I love the sincerity of the two characters and the odd ball way they move from one spot to another including an unexplained visit to the basement. This film has grown on me over time !


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