Film – The Slow Leak

The Slow Leak

A park bench conversation between a woman and a man who helped her with a flat bicycle tire.
An exploration of the underlying emotions.

Starring Phillip Dukarsky and Sonya Nagpal.


A quick “moment in time” film that was basically a reimagining of the damsel in distress scenario except updated for modern times. Sonya was the damsel with a hidden agenda and Phil was the unlikely hero . Phil and I had worked together several times and I thought he had the gruff magnetism that would play well against Sonya’s clumsy attempts to connect. Both did a great job of exploring the underlying motivations – loneliness and hints of desperation.

Films like this are really fun because they can be shot in one afternoon and it give the actors and myself amply opportunity to try different approaches to the characters. Technically a film like this is really easy to make, I had no other crew people around. 

Ironically after I had posted the film online some bicycle film Festival asked me to submit my film tl but I wasn’t really that interested so I never pursued it but it was nice to be noticed and invited anyway.

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