Film – the solitary eclectic

the solitary eclectic

A portrait of Crimson Willow who discusses her various practices in the witchcraft traditions and how she identifies as a solitary eclectic rather than being part of a coven.

Directed by Deniz Berkin

Shot on Tri-X Super 8 film.

Thanks to IFCO – The Independent Filmmaker’s Co-operative of Ottawa


Ever since I was very young I’ve always had an interest in the occult and supernatural events. The paranormal investigations of legendary author Hans Holzer were my bedside reading. I’ve even had a possible ghost sighting myself which I documented in my short experimental documentary Ghost Hunters Strangest Case.

As an adult I’ve continued my interest with the subject by receiving a certification as a ghost hunter – which sounds a bit more involved than it actually was since it was just a one day course. Yet I’ve taken my ouija board with me to cemeteries, hostels and museums and have experiencing  some interesting events.

I met Crimson Willow over the course of several events at IFCO – the local film cooperative. She has a rich and deep history with the witchcraft traditions 

and I found her a thoughtful and articulate spokesperson for the lifestyle of the solitary eclectic – a witch who operates solo rather than existing as part of a coven.

This was the first film in a series on this subject. Future topics were discussed but  unfortunately we are on a temporary break imposed by pandemic lockdowns and restrictions but hopefully all that will soon pass and we can continue exploring this subject. 

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