Films – Comedy

Fairy Tale Ending

Many adult ladies still yearn for a fairy tale romance. A love that is simple and pure. A love that works itself out in magical ways and leads to a happily ever after (3 Minutes).

You Left Me Lonely

In this part documentary and part music video, a disgruntled woman recounts stories about the end of a relationship with a drunk country singer (3 Minutes)

Writer’s Block

In this comical fable a writer sees the horrors of her imagination become reality or else are the horrors of reality seeping into her imagination (3 MInutes).

Bitter Love

The bitter truth about bitter love. A woman leaves her loser boyfriend and finds out that she has a secret admirer (3 Minutes).

Midnight Knock

Two young woman wait to see if a fortune tellers dangerous prophecy will be fulfilled (3 Minutes)

The Lobster’s Bite

In this comedic farce a hopeless and clumsy romantic falls in love with a beautiful younger neighbour but has problems trying to keep her satisfied (9.5 Minutes).

Lonesome Ottawa Cowboy

A cowboy longs for the attentions of a city girl (8.5 Minutes)

Ice Cold Hearts

A success driven woman must deal with her wimpy husband after an unfortunate encounter with a pedestrian. (4 Minutes)

Wedding Day Blues

A slapstick comedy , in the style of the silent black and white classics (3 Minutes)

Death Deals the Ace of Spades

A tongue in cheek horror film about a woman being chased through the streets of Ottawa (3 Minutes).

Breakdown on Dead End Road

A lonely highway, a mysterious stranger, a stalled car … pray for a tow truck (2 Minutes).

Captian Marvelous

A mild mannered man fights crime in this 1980’s lo fi super hero tale (12 Minutes)

Dispatches from the Dead

A young lady grows tired of the dating scene and tries an alternative approach to meeting men (7 Minutes).