Films – Music Videos

Eternity – Fiona Noakes Band

The steps a person must take to break free. (4 Minutes)

My Apology – Fiona Noakes Band

A tribute to all those that have self doubts and are different in some way (3 1/2 Minutes)

Glow – Fiona Noakes Band

Both song and video try to explore themes of loss and the transience of things in life and love (3.5 Minutes)

Strange Days – Nilia Berkin

Nilia Berkin released a CD called Whirlwind and this is a music video for the track Strange Days (4 Minutes)

Esmerelda – Waxing Moon

Music video for the song Esmerelda by Waxing Moon (3 Minutes).

On the Train Tracks – Aziza Eckert

An interpretation of the song “On the Train Tracks” written and performed by Aziza Eckert (5 Minutes).

Need to feel the Sun – Don Little

Music video for the song Need to Feel the Sun. A story of a journey to a brighter future (5 Minutes).

Au Secours – Fiona Noakes

The song Au Secours written and sung by Fiona Noakes (2.5 Minutes)

Phillip Chain – The Long Road Home 

The song The Long Road Home by Chain/Whiteley.
Performed by Phillip Chain (5 Minutes).