Films – Poetry/Spoken Word

Sad Man Blue

A soulful reading of a lonely set of love rhymes and accompanied by sinister audio (4 Minutes)

Why Do You Own Ashtrays ?

A sad love poem with hints of paranoia (2.5 Minutes)

Born in Ottawa

A poem video shot as part of a film challenge based on the theme of Love and Ottawa (3 Minutes).

Sending a Postcard

A romantic reminiscence of a past time when the possibilities were endless (2.5 Minutes)

Someone is Watching Me

A horror influenced poem about paranoia (2 Minutes).

Why Won’t You Fall in Love with Me

Love and desperation (3 Minutes)

Moonlight Fills the Room

A poetic examination of the darkness and contrasts (3 Minutes)

That’s the Facts, Jack

A tribute to one of my favourite authors (4.5 Minutes)