Script – The Sinking Ship

The Sinking Ship (Working Title) – Production Notes


Lisa (Daughter) – Early twenties – caring and a little idealistic

Janet (Mother) – Middle aged – Discontent sad

Captain (Fiance) – Middle aged – boorish , rude, uncouth, 

About the film

This film is a short 4 minute film about Lisa, a caring daughter who tries to discourage her mother Janet from marrying Captain, her pompous and rude fiance. Lisa meets Captain for the first time and despite her efforts to like him his obnoxious behavior totally turns her off. 

The film then takes a tender turn after Captain steps out and Lisa tries to convince Janet to not marry him. 

By the time Captain returns, Janet has acquired some new found confidence and in dramatic fashion proceeds to say the engagement is canceled. 

The film will swing between humor and sympathetic drama as it reaches its conclusion.


We’ll begin by just reading through the script. Then blocking off the scene and introducing the actions. From this the characterizations will develop and grow organically. Once we are comfortable we will shoot.

There is no need to memorize the exact lines but please be familiar with the context of the story

Schedule / Time Table

The shooting will be done on Saturday March 16 / 2024 . We will rehearse /shoot from 2:00PM to about 9:00 PM (ish).


We will shoot at 333 Metcalfe street Apt 9 at the corner of Frank Street , near the Museum of Nature.

Please arrive at 2:00PM – When you arrive please call/ text 613 322 7709


Kino at Live on Elgin – Wednesday March  27 2024. This is a monthly public screening and networking event.


This is a non union paid opportunity.  This role will pay 80.00 total as well as supper.

Costumes / Outfits

Lisa: slightly dressy 

Janet : slightly dressy 

Captain : yachting clothes and a sailors hat

A Hair and makeup artist will not be available

Audio Dubbing

Just like any film, there may be a need to do some audio dubbing afterwards. This will be done at my place at a mutually convenient time. Typically this takes about an hour but will have to be done shortly after the movie is shot. 


I anticipate that this will be a FUN day of shooting. Due to my simple approach the shot setups will be done fairly quickly. The bottom line is to get the film shot but at the same time this is a hobby and pastime for all of us. A professional and upbeat attitude is expected from all cast and crew. Creative input and feedback is ALWAYS welcome.  Let’s have fun

The Sinking Ship (Working Title) – Script

Scene 1 Interior – Living Room – Day time

Janet and Lisa are sitting opposite from each other in the living room. 


I’m so excited to finally meet your fiance

Janet (uncertainly)

He’s parking the car

Just remember he’s a little rough around the edges


I’m sure that I’ll love him as much as you do.

Janet looks down – not meeting her daughter’s eyes.

Scene 2   Interior – Living Room – Day time

There’s a banging on the door and Captain walks in.

Janet gets up to greet him and reaches for his hand but he ignores her and focuses on Lisa


You must be Lisa , I’ve heard so much about you

Call me Captain.

Lisa gets up and they shake hands

Sailor sits down and looks at Janet


You never told me your daughter was so hot

Lisa looks uncomfortable. Then looking towards her mother.


You guys must be busy with all the wedding plans

Janet (slowly)

Oh yeah – we’ve got this non traditional venue – it’s rustic and…

Captain (interrupting)

Let me explain – I got a great deal on this meeting room 

at the Motel Roof on hwy 16 outside of Prescott. It cost next to nothing.

Lisa (skeptical)

Oh the Motel Roof and where are you two going for your honeymoon


Oh we’re going to London. 


That’s exciting , a Broadway show, Buckingham Palace, mom you’ve always wanted to …

Captain (interrupting)

Not London England

London, Ontario ! I’ve got a fishing shack. Yeah it doesn’t have indoor plumbing but Janet will love it. Won’t you dear.

Lisa looks at her mother

Janet (not very convincingly)

It’s fine – it’ll be cozy.

Lisa  (Looking at Captain)

So Captain,  what do you do for a living


I am an entrepreneur. I’m starting this great business that thankfully your mom is investing in. I‘m bringing back telephone booths. I’m going to put a phone booth on every street corner so people won’t have to carry around cell phones anymore.

Telephone booths are the future

Captain (Continuing)

(Leaning forward leering at her)

Tell me honey what do you do for a living … actress model


I’m a student. I’m getting my masters in psychology


Too bad what a waste 

Hey I’m going to get us some drinks – (snapping his fingers)

Let me have a couple of bucks 

Looking at Lisa , I’m having some cash flow problems , one of my ex wives keeps taking me to court


How many ex wives do you have


Four – they’re all crazy , fruit loops

I shall return,

Takes the money and leaves

Scene 3  Interior – Living Room – Day time


Mom, You absolutely cannot marry Captain Crunch – he is a total loser.

Janet (Slowly leans forward)

I know exactly what he is . I know he is boorish and obnoxious.

And probably only marrying me for my investment in his business

Lisa (incredulous)

Then why are you marrying him ?


You’re so young , there are certain truths that you are not aware of yet.

It’s been so many years since your dad passed away and I miss having a man around…It gets so lonely.

He is the first man to propose to me and there may not be any others.


But mom there’s plenty of men out there.


To you maybe but look at me carefully , look hard. 

You’ll see a woman over 50 , with wrinkles and age spots . Someone that men look through.


But mom what I see is a confident woman, someone who is loving.

Someone who looked after me when I was young then again when dad died

Think of your strengths, your experiences, everyday you get older you become more beautiful … don’t settle for this clown

The daughter and the mother hug 


Thank You

 Scene 4 Interior – Living Room – Day time

The Captain walks in waving a bottle of Jack Daniels


All right ladies, let’s open up this bottle and have a drink to celebrate .

Janet (standing up – angry and proud)

Don’t bother. You are the most obnoxious person I’ve ever met. 

I definitely do not want to marry you. Just leave now


What about the phone booth investment


I am not going to give a single penny for your stupid idea


If I leave now, you will never see me again and you can go back to your empty apartment and play with your cat

Janet (angry)

Get out of her , leave now

Lisa (clapping)

Yay !!


I’m gone – you’ll never hear from me again …

(Towards Lisa) but you honey I may call

Captain turns around and leaves


The moron left his whisky

The mother and daughter each cheer other and have a drink

After a moment Janet gets up and stares out the window