Films – Moving Portraits

the solitary eclectic

A portrait of Crimson Willow who discusses her various practices in the witchcraft traditions (3.5 Minutes).

Girl at the Mall

A portrait of a young lady as she discusses a past relationship (3 Minutes).

Bridal Games

A storyteller reflects on the clash of traditional values and modern feelings of love (4 minutes).

The Intersection

A young women reflects on the question of destiny and a missed chance (3 Minutes).

The Telltale Traveller

A woman realizes that she must overcome her fears and seize certain opportunities before it’s too late (3 Minutes).

A Thursday Night in April

A portrait of Irina Lyubchenko – filmmaker and photographer (3 Minutes).

No Mountain High Enough

A personal documentary about a woman who looks forward to running a half marathon (3 Minutes)

Portrait of a Dancer – Vanessa Renaud

Vanessa Renaud talks about how she feels about her experiences as a dancer (4.5 Minutes). 

Girl at the Fair

A portrait of a young lady as she spends the evening at a travelling carnival in Ottawa.

Beyond Uranium

A three minute experimental “portrait” film about a young female student and model here in Ottawa, Canada (3 Minutes).

The Engagement Ring

A woman seeks the meaning of happiness – while the world is spinning around her (3 Minutes).