Films – Horror and Science Fiction

She Came from Above

The final days are imminent. Two friends are awaiting the end (8 Minutes).

Bride of the Vampyre

A tribute to the legendary vampire tradition (3 Minutes).

Every Six Months

A man whose connection to a mysterious women is complicated by a nameless enemy and childhood memories from the past (6 Minutes)

The Blank Page

A writer who is seeking inspiration travels back to the late19th century era London. There she must conquer her greatest fears. (4 Minutes)

The Scariest Night of my Life

The spectre of death appears after an unprompted game with an ouija board (3 Minutes).

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Small pockets of humanity try to survive as the future gravitates to the past. (6.5 Minutes).

Crueler than Nightmares

A young lady has the same terrible nightmare each night (7.5 Minutes).

The Last Woman on Earth

A woman encounters two very different men in a downtown parking garage (4 Minutes)

Nosferatu on an Off Night

Nosferatu takes the night off and haunts the dreams of a lovely lady (3 Minutes).

The Closed Door

your partner may not be who she appears to be (6.5 Minutes)

The Rose Killer

It’s 1987 and a man must save his wife from an escaped serial killer (8.5 minutes)

Ghost Hunter’s Strangest Case

An alt horror documentary about a small childhood incident that happened to me (5 1/2 Minutes)